Open Source Software (OSS) is already at the core of modern Cloud Computing and Big Data infrastructure and is rapidly gaining ground at all levels of the Internet of Things. From a European perspective, a solid consensus (now corroborated by systematic studies and official EC policy directions) has formed around the critical role of OSS and Open Source Hardware for multiple European objectives, from GDP growth to digital autonomy.

In light of the ongoing cloud, edge, and IoT convergence towards a computing continuum and the objectives of the Digital Decade, an open ecosystem spanning from Cloud to Edge to IoT is key to unleashing the potential of the European industry in driving green and digital transformation while preserving EU strategic autonomy. The initiative will promote the establishment of a global and open ecosystem for the Cloud-Edge-IoT technologies by supporting industries and researchers to create impact, promoting the link between open source and open standards, and engaging relevant industrial alliances in actions directed toward open approaches. will act as an enabling force, serving and empowering the community towards reaching multiple key outcomes, including a baseline common open architecture for computing continuum research projects, a reinforced collaboration between European public and private initiatives from cloud to edge to IoT, and increased awareness of the importance of Open Source and standards for EU digital autonomy. These contributions, arising from project results, will evolve towards larger-scale impacts and strategic objectives for European technological, economic, and societal advancement.