Open Calls

This page presents all the open and forthcoming open calls managed by projects in our community

aerOS First Open Call

Open Date: Oct 2023
Close Date: Jan 2024

Type of actions funded:
Small projects that validate aerOS architecture and focus in one of aerOS use cases

Average Value: EUR 60k Fixed value

Eligible organisations: SMEs, RTOs and Academia, Individuals, NO large companies allowed

Average duration: Max. duration: 9 months

Number of grants awarded: 7

Open Call Coordinator:
Ignacio Lacalle

aerOS aims to establish a common meta Operating System that follows a collaborative IoT-Edge–Cloud architecture supporting flexible deployments (e.g., federated or hierarchical), enabling the distribution of intelligence and computation – including AI, ML, and Big Data analytics – to achieve an optimal solution while satisfying the given constraints.

Main goal:
Design and build a virtualised, platform-agnostic, zero-touch orchestration (of resources & services) Meta Operating System for the IoT edge-cloud continuum.

Main outputs:
• Virtualised and platform-agnostic Meta Operating System
• Methodology, standardisation, and protocols usable across the continuum for legacy and novel technologies
• Data autonomy strategy for the CEI continuum
• Infrastructural services and features for cybersecurity, trustworthiness and manageability
• Open APIs

Link to open call: COMING SOON

ICOS First Open Call

Open Date: Aug 2023
Close Date: Oct 2023

Type of actions funded:
Develop & test applications using the ICOS framework

Average Value: EUR 200k

Eligible organisations: SMEs and mid-caps Consortium-type applicants (1 tech provider & 1 end-user)

Average duration: 12 months

Number of grants awarded: 5

Open Call Coordinators
Elena Japundžić, FundingBox
Francesco D’Andria, Atos

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ICOS aims to design, develop, and validate a meta-operating system by addressing the challenges of device volatility and heterogeneity, continuum infrastructure virtualisation and diverse network connectivity, optimised and scalable service execution and performance, as well as resource consumptions and costs.

Main goal:
• Design of an intelligent meta OS for the continuum
• Exploiting novel intelligent data and resource utilization methods
• Enforce trustworthy yet open operation
• Demonstrate the project outcomes in key relevant scenarios
• Building an open innovation environment and fostering the creation of new applications in the continuum
• Reduction of integration costs and effective mitigation of cloud provider lock-in effects

Main outputs:
• MetaOS ICOS , – in a data-driven system built upon the principles of openness, adaptability, and data sharing, which consists of three main layers and two modules:
• Meta-Kernel
• Security layer
• ICOS Shell
• Data Management

Link to open call: COMING SOON

NebulOuS First Open Call

Open Date: Feb 2024
Close Date: Mar 2024

Type of actions funded:
Validation of basic aspects of the platform (An initial list of assets that will be available for the launching of the first call)

Average Value: up to EUR 150k per project

Eligible organisations:
1. Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises working on the IoT, Edge, Cloud or and other related technologies
2. Research institutions, research infrastructures, non-profit organisations and charitable (scientific) foundations and public research centres, when supporting organisations of category 1 in a collaborative 3rd party project

Average duration: 7 months

Number of grants awarded: 4

Open Call Coordinators :
Ana Luísa Alves
Maria Navarro

NebulOuS will introduce an appropriate meta-operating system that encompasses brokerage capabilities across the cloud computing continuum, advanced methods to enable secure and optimal application provisioning, resource adaptation and reconfiguration. It will enable the emergence of ad-hoc fog brokerage ecosystems that exploit IoT/edge and fog nodes, in parallel to multi-cloud resources to cope with the requirements of hyper distributed applications.

Main goal:
Develop a Meta Operating System and a platform that enables transient fog brokerage ecosystems that can seamlessly exploit edge and fog nodes with multi-cloud resources while coping with low-latency applications.

Main outputs:
• Semantic models for fog brokerage
• MCDM cloud & fog service brokerage
• Optimised application life cycle management
• Autonomous and secure reconfiguration support
• Distributed EMS with automatic anomaly detection
• Full-life cycle support for edge and cloud resources to enable hosting nodes across and outside of organisational units

Link to open call: Open calls – NebulOuS (

NEMO First Open Call

Open Date: Oct 2023
Close Date: Dec 2023

Type of actions funded:
• NEMO meta-architecture extensions
• Implementation of SW components
• Network/service/resources metering/automated control components
• Port NEMO on new, heterogeneous IoT devices

Average Value: EUR 150k

Eligible organisations: SW, cloud, telcos, IoT manufacturers, SMEs, mid-caps & industries

Average duration: 18 months

Number of grants awarded: 6

Open Call Coordinators:
Harry Skianis
Dimitrios Skias

NEMO is an open source, modular and cybersecure meta-operating system in the AIoT-edge-cloud continuum. It introduces novel concepts, methods, leverages on existing technologies and tools, testing and engagement campaigns.
NEMO will bring intelligence closer to the data and make AI-as-a-Service integral part of network self-organisation and micro-services execution orchestration.

Main goal:
Develop a Meta OS that will manage the resources, storage computing, data and networks across continuum in an open and reusable manner.
Close the digital gap by using smart tech applications and reinforce EU CEI ecosystem competitiveness.

Main outputs:
• Open and modular meta-Operating System (mOS)
• Transparent IoT-to-Edge-to-Cloud continuum
• On-device Intelligence to enable AIoT (inter-)acting as self-aware, (semi-) autonomous entities
• Intent-based DevZeroOps Platform as a Service with tools and plugin mechanisms
• Massive AIoT applications and high penetration
• Federated meta Network Cluster Controller
• Meta-Orchestrator

Link to open call: Open Calls – META-OS

Nephele First Open Call

Open Date: Oct 2023
Close Date: Nov 2023

Type of actions funded: Development of Virtual Objects, Composite Virtual Objects (including the Digital Twin concept), and generic IoT enablers.

Average Value: EUR 76k

Eligible organisations: Individual industrial entities, such as SMEs (including startups) and Midcaps.

Average duration: 6 months for the implementation

Number of grants awarded: 8

Open Call Coordinators:
Diana Järve, FundingBox
Anastasios Zafeiropoulos, National Technical University of Athens
Symeon Papavassiliou, National Technical University of Athens

Should you have any questions on the open calls,
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NEPHELE enables the efficient, reliable and secure end-to-end orchestration of hyper-distributed applications over programmable infrastructure that is spanning across the compute continuum, removing existing openness and interoperability barriers in the convergence of IoT technologies against cloud and edge computing orchestration platforms

Main goal:
Design and build a virtual object software stack that will tackle IoT interoperability and convergence challenges in the compute continuum and develop synergetic orchestration mechanisms that can manage distributed applications in the continuum.

Main outputs:
• Virtual Object software stack for virtualization, openness and interoperability of IoT devices
• A synergetic meta-orchestration framework for managing the coordination between cloud and edge computing orchestration platforms

Link to open call: COMING SOON