Location Preferences

Preferred vendor and data storage location

Sovereignty plays a significant role in influencing vendor decisions for CEI solutions. In general, companies mostly prefer for technology providers to be locally based. However, it is worth noting that while there were generally similar responses within the healthcare industry, a larger percentage (28%) expressed no preference for the vendor’s location.

Preferred vendor location

Question: Do you have any preference for the location of your technology provider's headquarters? N=700 (base: all respondents)

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Data storage is a crucial concern for companies, with nearly half of the respondents preferring to keep their data on-premises. Additionally, many others prefer data storage within their country or the EU. In the healthcare sector, responses align with the overall average, but a higher percentage indicated a preference for “on-premises” (52%) or “anywhere” (31%), while fewer mentioned “in-country” (12%) or “within the EU” (4%). These findings suggest that healthcare providers prioritise data proximity for ease of access and compliance, while others focus primarily on regulatory requirements.

Location of data storage

Question: Do you have any preference for the location of sensitive data storage? N=700 (base: all respondents)

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Preferred provider location

Companies queried about their preferences for keeping certain technology areas locally show a primary concern for the storage location. Overall, companies expressed appreciation for keeping applications and platforms locally, followed by infrastructure suppliers.

Key areas in which local provider is preferred

Question: In which technology areas or business functions is a local vendor preferred? [Choose all that apply] N=700 (base: all respondents)

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