“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Eclipse IoT” webinar recording is available!

July 14, 2023

The webinar “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Eclipse IoT” presented by Frédéric Desbiens (IoT and Edge Computing Program Manager at the Eclipse Foundation) on July 4 is now available online. If you missed the event or would like to watch the presentation again, please follow this link.

The webinar presented an overview of the “Eclipse IoT toolkit” that is the industry’s most extensive collection of IoT and Edge Computing open-source building blocks.
During his presentation, Frédéric gave a brief introduction to the Eclipse Foundation and an overview of the main topics in the foundation. He then presented the Eclipse IoT Working group and the most interesting projects hosted in it and covering iot, protocols and edge.
An overview of the ecosystem has been provided and some of its most popular projects have been introduced. From protocol implementations to Cloud IoT platforms, Eclipse IoT has something for everyone. In particular the following topics have been presented in detail:
  • IoT architecture in IoT and Edge Eclipse Community and Working Group
  • IoT tools in Eclipse, starting from the architecture, Frédéric navigated through the different layers:
    • Protocol Layer: exploring the Gateway and Device stack supported by IoT gateway (Kura) and IoT Cloud (Kapua).
    • Digital Twin and Connectivity stack with Ditto, HONO and hawkBit projects.
  • Sparkplug: open specifications for enabling interoperability in MQTT based solutions.
  • And EDGE NATIVE: an open source edge platform.

The presentation was followed by a short Q&A session moderated by Rosaria Rossini from the Eclipse Foundation.