Industry Spotlights


The agriculture industry is far smaller than the others in terms of employment, but it is strategically important and critical for European society’s well-being, and it accounts for the largest share of land use in Europe, amounting to 39.1% of total EU land in 2018.


As a subject of geopolitical threats, the European energy sector is undergoing significant transformation, diversification and digitalisation. The energy sector, covering extraction, production and distribution, directly employs in the EU about 1.6 million people and generates an added €250 billion to the economy, corresponding to 4% of the value added of the non-financial EU business economy.


The healthcare sector has a large public-sector presence throughout Europe. It features significant regulatory guidance and intervention. It is critical for European society’s well-being.


The manufacturing industry is the largest segment of the overall European CEI market. In 2022, spending was estimated to be EUR 49.6 billion, more than twice that of the second-largest industry. According to the World Bank, manufacturing is the largest employer in Europe, accounting for 15% of GDP in 2021.


The transportation sector includes passenger transport and logistics. The passenger transport industry is migrating from manually controlled vehicles with internal combustion engines toward electric vehicles that are connected, intelligent, and increasingly autonomous.