RIAs Showcase

The “EUCloudEdgeIoT.eu RIA Showcase” webinar series is organised by the Open Continuum CSA and aims to provide a platform for Research and Innovation Actions (RIAs) supported by the EUCloudEdgeIoT.eu initiative to present their cutting-edge results and advancements in the Cloud-Edge-IoT Computing Continuum. The series will offer insights into the transformative projects contributing to European competitiveness in core internet infrastructures.
This is a collaborative webinar series, where EUCEI Task Forces, CSAs and other RIAs, actively participate in organising and presenting these insightful sessions.

Find below the list of webinars to access more information and registration procedure:

8 February 2024 | 10h00-11h30 CET

Next-generation IoT insights

Co-organised with HiPEAC

26 March 2024 | 11h00-12h00 CET

Cognitive Cloud Infrastructure: AI to make it fast, lightweight and performant

Co-organised with PIACERE

3 April 2024 | 15h00-17h30 CET

Meta Operating Systems: Innovating the CEI landscape

Co-organised with aerOS and FLUIDOS

18 April 2024 | 10h30-13h00 CET

Future-proof solutions for cognition-enabled cloud computing

Co-organised with ACES

17 May 2024 | 09h00–10h30 CEST

Presenting the future of open source for cloud services

Co-organised with EUCEI TF2/Eclipse Foundation

28 May 2024 | 10h00-11h30 CEST

Tackling the ever-increasing complexities of developing efficient heterogeneous swarm systems

Co-organised with TaRDIS and INCODE

6 June 2024 | 10h30-13h00 CET

Future-proof solutions for cognition-enabled cloud computing - Part 2

Co-organised with ACES

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