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Cloud computing is a key technology enabler in increasing Europe’s data sovereignty and achieving the sustainability goals of the European Green Deal. The European Cloud-Edge-IoT Continuum initiatives aim at developing new technologies and business models to create a computing continuum from the IoT devices to the cloud, encompassing the edge and HPCs to achieve high-standard requirements and support EU values with regard to data protection, performance, resilience and energy efficiency.


Edge and cloud computing are both essential in a computing continuum to ensure data is managed most efficiently closer to the originating source rather than transmitting raw data to data centres for processing. This will lead to energy-efficient and trustworthy infrastructure, solving climate challenges and driving new business opportunities. By 2025, 80% of all data in Europe is expected to be processed in smart devices closer to the user, meeting the future digitisation needs of industry and the public sector.


Today, the IoT merges both the physical and virtual worlds, creating innovative solutions and smart environments through domains like AI, 5G, Edge and Cloud computing, blockchain, and micro-to-nano systems. With processing moving closer to the edge, advancing on the IoT can reduce communication and storage costs and energy consumption, and by applying machine learning and AI, the internet infrastructure can safely identify data patterns that bring positive impact and benefit citizens and businesses.

Join the Horizon Europe Infoday

The European Commission invites stakeholders from industry, academia and innovators to participate in the Horizon Europe Info Day on 30 January 2023. This event is an Information Session on the Horizon Europe Work Programme 2023-2024 on World leading data and computing technologies”.

Market analysis
& Insights

The European Cloud, Edge & IoT Continuum is engaging with industry and small businesses from across Europe to understand demand-supply dynamics and define future market scenarios, pathways and demand-pull business opportunities in various industrial sectors

Open Source

To regain European competitiveness in Internet infrastructures, a forward-looking approach is needed. The European Cloud-Edge-IoT Continuum believes that an integrated, open ecosystem built around open source is the key enabler for digital autonomy and European prosperity in the Cloud-Edge-IoT domain and, more widely, in the data economy while honouring and upholding European values.

Open standards

To avoid early-stage dependencies of the edge computing market, Europe needs to develop open standards swiftly. Open standards are a critical challenge for Europe as they enable the development of fast, affordable, and interoperable smart solutions. Improving existing standards and developing open standards is crucial to ensure financial investments to strengthen Cloud-Edge-IoT technologies and uphold European priorities internationally.

News & Events

New year, new events! – Read our News Digest #4

2023 is starting strong for the Cloud, Edge and IoT community, with lots of events in January and February where you should mark your place. Do not miss the Horizon Europe Info Day and Pitch Session on the HE Work Programme 2023-2024 on “World leading data and computing technologies” where participants can also pitch their ideas.

Horizon Europe Info Day

The European Commission invites stakeholders from industry, academia and innovators to participate in the Horizon Europe Info Day on 30 January 2023. This event is an Information Session on the Horizon Europe Work Programme 2023-2024 on “World leading data and computing technologies”.

Demand pull drivers for Cloud Edge IoT in the energy sector

This workshop aims to provide an overview of the CEI demand landscape and highlight the major demand-pull drivers in the energy sector. The workshop will encompass discussions of the future and current use cases as well as economic, political, environmental, technological, social and legal factors that can affect the option of Cloud-Edge-IoT technologies on the market.

End of the year’s wrap-up – Read our News Digest #3

We hope you will enjoy our third News digest with news, analyses and event updates from the Cloud-Edge-IoT Continuum landscape. This month we have collected opinions from relevant associations and related initiatives that, in the following months, will act as multipliers across the cloud, edge & IoT communities. You can now discover their views and learn more about our initiative

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