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Giving Energy an Edge: Showcasing the Edge to Cloud Continuum in Energy

November 10, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Giving Energy an Edge: Showcasing the Edge to Cloud Continuum in Energy

The Energy Infoday that took place on Friday 10th November, 2023, at 10:00 (CET), brought together over 100 attendees, including industry experts, innovators, researchers, developers, SMEs, start-ups and energy company stakeholders to discuss the latest trends and technologies shaping the future of energy and innovations of the Cloud-Edge-IoT Continuum in Energy sector. We are very thankful for every participant and want to express our special gratitude to all speakers, panellists, open calls and use case representatives for their diverse input as well as adding depth to the conversations that followed.

The Infoday kicked off by exploring the general landscape of SME innovation in the Grid Edge sector, spotlighting the EU CEI MetaOS projects. This broad view was further complimented by a presentation showcasing a panoramic view of various European project clusters working on transforming and digitising the energy sector.

After a first overview of the current state of innovation, those inputs were reflected and augmented by gathering valuable inputs on the current transition challenges on topics such as energy infrastructure, adaptability, and electrification of heat and mobility. During a panel discussion, they were critically analysed from an overarching, institutional and energy distributor perspective, which was shared as well as contrasted by the point of view of energy start-ups. 

Shifting from general to more specific topics over time, the event gave the floor to a section where various EU CEI-funded research and innovation projects got the opportunity to first pitch their current open call opportunities. The goal was to spark interest and active involvement from SMEs, start-ups, and developers in the EU Cloud-Edge-IoT continuum. Following this was a narrative showcase of seven different energy use cases ranging from smart cities, mobility, and grid flexibility to windmill maintenance.

Wrapping up the Infoday, attendees engaged in network opportunities with the projects in interactive breakout sessions to collect more input on the technical aspects of the projects, gather advice on the open call process or interact with additional projects in a demo room discussing their current progress in the establishment and development of energy use cases.

The main takeaways from the Energy Infoday were the following:

  • Insights into the most transformative use cases at the crossroads of energy and Cloud-Edge-IoT computing.
  • Exploration of funding and support opportunities for diverse energy projects and engagement in open call applications.
  • Connections with key stakeholders in the European tech ecosystem.
  • Learnings on how emerging edge technologies can benefit businesses and an understanding of the opportunities for transitioning to a CEI approach.
  • Exploration of potential energy-centred applications and development of new products and services.
  • Identification of partners, customers, and alternative architectures within the Cloud Continuum in energy.


(Download full slide deck)

10:00 Welcome

• Brendan Rowan, BluSpecs, UNLOCK-CEI

10:05 MetaOS – An opportunity for SMEs in the Grid Edge

• Rolf Riemenschneider, Head of Sector IoT, EC – DG CNECT

10:30 Energy sector transformation through digital integration; a meta analysis of key use cases from European R&I

• Natalie Samovich, Chair AIOTI WG Energy, Enercoutim

10:45 Powering the future; tech transformation of the energy sector in full transition

• Selene Liverani, Senior Technology and Projects Advisor, E.DSO – European Distribution System Operators
• Valerie Anne Lencznar, Senior Advisor at RTE and Ambassador for Europe, Global Smart Energy Federation
• Dieter Jong, Sales Lead, Finance, HR & Legal at re.alto energy
• Nicolas Höning, Co-Founder at SEITA
• Tanya Suárez (Moderating), BluSpecs, UNLOCK-CEI

11:30 Open Calls Opportunities

• Ignacio Lacalle Úbeda, Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), aerOS
• Elena Japundžić, FundingBox, ICOS
• Dimitrios Skias, INTRA, NEMO
• Anastasios Zafeiropoulos, National Technical University of Athens, NEPHELE
• Ana Luísa Alves, F6S, NebulOuS

11:40 MetaOS Energy use cases

Narrative presentation

• Energy Efficient, Health Safe & Sustainable Smart Buildings (aerOS)
o The use case will demonstrate gains of the aerOS architecture in an edge deployment for energy efficient, sustainable, flexible and health-safe smart buildings.
o Speaker: Fotini Setaki, COSMOTE
• Containerised Edge Computing Near Renewable Energy Sources (aerOS)
o The use case will allow management of containerised edge data centres developed by CF and located directly at energy sources, connected to the smart infrastructure and providing cloud continuity.
o Speaker: Marcin Michel, ELECTRUM
• Energy Management and Decision Support System (EMDS) (ICOS)
o This use case supports the planned enablement of domestic services to support the distribution network which will further drive uptake in smart, controllable domestic devices as well as leverage payments for flexible energy usage.
o Speaker: Rosalia Davi, SSE Airtricity
• Smart Mobility (NEMO)
o This use case will utilize basic geography, street-level, public transportation, weather and noise data, along with historical data and analysis of CCTV/traffic cameras to model and train distributed AI models on traffic flow and parking prediction in a greedy layer wise fashion.
o Speaker: Francesco Bellesini, EMOTION
• Smart Grid Flexibility (NEMO)
o This use case will utilise innovative high-tech power sensors which realise advanced protection for MV/LV substation breakers and smart meters in RES, buildings and offices to measure and balance electricity generation/consumption.
o Speaker: Prashanth Kumar Pedholla, ASM
• Energy Management in Smart Buildings/Cities (NEPHELE)
o This use case will use smart applications and services leveraging on the VOStack which can help to manage control actions of building equipment, providing user with customized services for energy-efficient, well-being and comfort.
o Speaker: Raphael Marin Perez, ODINS
• Windmill Maintenance (NebulOuS)
o This use case will validate the NebulOuS framework in deploying wind turbine inspection software in an optimal way, making appropriate use of cloud and fog resources, for instance through high-resolution images of wind turbine blades captured by drones, which are processed by AI-enabled algorithms to automatically detect turbine damages and discover other valuable information for turbine maintenance.
o Speaker: Michał Kłosiński, TTA

12:20 Breakout Sessions

1. Use case sessions
Each project gets 2 rounds so attendees can participate in 2 different project discussions on open calls, technical details, and Q&A of use cases.

o Round 1: 12:20 – 12:50
o Round 2: 12:50 – 13:20

• Elena Japundžić, FundingBox, Rosalia Davi, SSE Airtricity and Andres Suarez-Cetrulo, CeADAR (ICOS) – Download slides
• Ignacio Lacalle Úbeda, Universitat Politècnica de València, Fotini Setaki, COSMOTE and Marcin Michel, ELECTRUM (aerOS) – Download slides
• Dimitrios Skias, INTRA, Francesco Bellesini, EMOTION and Prashanth Kumar Pedholla, ASM (NEMO)
• Raphael Marin Perez, ODINS and Anastasios Zafeiropoulos, National Technical University of Athens (NEPHELE) – Download slides
• Ana Luísa Alves, F6S and Michał Kłosiński, TTA (NebulOuS) – Download slides

2. Demo Breakout
Dedicated room for EU CEI projects to present and share their use cases, pilots, and demonstrations in the energy sector.

o Whole session from 12:20 – 12:50


• Intelligent Power Grid (FLUIDOS) – Download slides
• Energy Use Case (COGNIT) – Download slides

13:00 Close

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November 10, 2023
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
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