Decentralised Edge-to-Cloud Computing with ColonyOS – Recording now available!

March 28, 2024

This webinar was organised by EUCEI Task Force 1 – Strategic Liaisons. See everything related to this Task Force here.

On March 15, EUCEI Task Force brought to you a webinar where Dr. Johan Kristiansson, a senior researcher from RISE, presented the MetaOs ColonyOs project, which aims to create a unified control layer for seamless edge-to-cloud computing. EUCEI now makes available the key highlights from the webinar, as well as its recording.

Some key points discussed during the webinar:

  • ColonyOs provides a decentralized network operating system to manage applications across multiple platforms like edge devices, cloud, and HPC systems in a coherent way. This addresses challenges of complexity and security when applications are distributed.
  • The project is inspired by the idea of a “trillion node network” where everything is interconnected without central control. ColonyOs focuses on integrating existing platforms while providing security, resilience, and universal access.
  • It uses a broker and functional programming approach to coordinate application execution across different environments and synchronize data. A crypto protocol based on Ethereum and Bitcoin provides security without a blockchain.
  • A decentralized computing model executes functions on “colonies” of executors running on different platforms. Fault tolerance is enabled through consensus algorithms and process monitoring to reassign failed tasks.
  • Example uses cases discussed decentralized finance platforms, seismic data processing leveraging cloud scalability, and analyzing satellite images across HPC and cloud.
  • The ColonyOs tool aims to simplify HPC usage and allow seamless execution on local systems, clouds, and supercomputers.

During the webinar, Chris Johnson took also the time to live demonstrate the tool.

Watch the recording: