Cloud-Edge-IoT Innovations in Manufacturing: Unveiling Market Insights and Use Cases

August 1, 2023

July 10 saw the organisation of the webinar “Cloud-Edge-IoT Innovations in Manufacturing”. The event explored the transformations witnessed by the manufacturing industry in recent years, providing in-depth market and industry insights for the manufacturing sector, specifically focusing on cloud-edge-IoT use cases. It also provided valuable information and knowledge to navigate the evolving manufacturing landscape and unlock this sector’s true potential of the Cloud-Edge-IoT continuum. The event was co-organised with the Meta Operating Systems projects of the EUCEI Community aerOS and FLUIDOS.

The event was part of the “Cloud-Edge-IoT industry innovations” webinar series, which explores the latest industry trends, discusses sector-specific service requirements, showcases real-world use case presentations, and engages in panel discussions with industry experts to shed light on the challenges and opportunities faced by companies in adopting and harnessing the full potential of these technologies. Each webinar focuses on a specific sector.