The ACES-EDGE Project: Advancing Autopoietic Edge-as-a-Service Platforms

June 27, 2024

The ACES project is spearheading the development of an advanced, self-configuring, self-managing autopoietic Edge-as-a-Service (EaaS) platform designed to handle data-intensive applications at the edge. This Research and Innovation Action supported by the Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme, aims to meet the diverse requirements of distributed compute and storage systems, pushing the boundaries of current technological capabilities.

Our Ambitious Technological Targets

At the heart of this research and innovation project are ambitious technological objectives and besides the technological research and development, which focuses on metrics, AI/ML algorithms, Swarm Intelligence for configuration, ACES-EDGE is actively exploring exploitation pathways, which require the initial identification of a set of viable configuration options of EaaS systems. These configurations consider different technological maturity levels, reflecting the vision of technology developers and it is mandatory to align these supply-side models with the demand-side characteristics of data- and compute-intensive edge systems.

Exploring Supply and Demand Dynamics for Exploitation

A critical aspect of the ACES-EDGE project is understanding the main functions required by prospective customers of the EaaS platform. This involves assessing the performance requirements necessary for distributed systems within the Cloud-Edge-IoT continuum. To achieve this, the project has developed two detailed questionnaires: one targeting the supply side (developers and configurators of these systems) and the other aimed at the demand side (users running mission-critical applications, in particular the owners of the pilots of the different Research and Innovation Actions).

Community Engagement and Data Collection

The ACES-EDGE consortium has tested these questionnaires and is now extending them to the broader community of EU Cloud-Edge-IoT research and innovation projects. The supply-side questionnaire is directed at developers within Research and Innovation Actions (RIAs), while the demand-side questionnaire is intended for pilot owners within these RIAs. Both questionnaires are designed to capture comprehensive insights into the
supply and demand dynamics of the systems in the Open Continuum.

The supply-side questionnaire is available here.

The demand-side questionnaire is available here.

Data Protection of Survey Participants and Reporting
The project ensures that the processing and analysis of questionnaire responses comply fully with data protection regulations. Respondent identities will remain anonymous, and insights will be based on aggregated data. The resulting report will first be shared with participants, providing a dynamic and evolving picture of the relationships between supply and demand for advanced solutions in the Cloud-Edge-IoT continuum.

Contact Information
For further information or questions regarding the ACES-EDGE WP6 Exploitation task, please contact Luca Alessandro Remotti at This project represents a significant step towards realizing sophisticated, autonomous edge computing solutions that can adapt to the ever-evolving needs of distributed computing environments.

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