CEI Insights

Current data storage paradigms are witnessing a shift from the Cloud layer to Edge and IoT layers, benefitting low latency services, reducing the communication burden, avoiding cloud transpiration and supporting resilience and protection. 

The paradigm shift toward Edge and IoT technologies is also an emerging market opportunity for Europe to regain a significant role in the computing market and retain digital autonomy. 

In addition, due to the amount of data generated and the quick responses required, in the next few years, many companies will require Cloud, Edge and IoT technologies, and in some cases, a blend of the three. 

Although these domains are already one of the most extensive technology plans for European organisations, IoT and Edge technologies are still in their early application stages, and their markets are relatively fragmented.

EUCloudEdgeIoT.eu will systematically assess the current state of the open European CEI ecosystem, including the comparative evaluation of CEI technologies and solutions and the level of take-up. The demand landscape will leverage public sources and a custom survey of European business users to provide a baseline of current and planned uptake of the main solutions and use cases with a focus on five key industrial sectors – manufacturing, building, mobility, energy, and agriculture.

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EUCloudEdgeIoT.eu will also provide analyses of the potential business opportunities driven by the paradigm change towards CEI and an understanding of how this change may reshape industry value chains, investigating the competitiveness implications both at the vertical and horizontal level, including cross-cutting aspects like the role of open standards, open source, and synergies across sectors.

The focus will be to understand the distribution of potential benefits and innovation drivers for the main industry value chains with specific attention to the emergence of trusted and interoperable data-driven services within and across industrial sectors.

Building on the CEI demand landscape and the demand-supply dynamics, EUCloudEdgeIoT.eu will identify service requirements for the main use cases and develop future market scenarios and related market pathways for the development of the open European CEI ecosystem.

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