Join our Value Chain Adopter Groups

Cloud computing, Edge computing and IoT can transform businesses across Europe. 

But are European organisations ready? 

The European Cloud, Edge & IoT Continuum is engaging with industry and business representatives from across Europe to understand the current status of technology uptake and demand-supply dynamics and define future market scenarios, pathways and demand-pull business opportunities.  

One way to understand key trends and grasp requirements to accelerate the adoption of CEI is to interact with representatives of key industries and value chains and collect their input on how to further develop this growing market.

We are organising a series of events to practically present the activities towards the creation of an engaged community of VCA adopters to help understand the requirements for the future uptake of such technologies and provide insights to guide future research and innovation in this field. 

The events so far organised consist of an opening webinar and a wave of sector specific workshops, all to be held between February and March 2023. You can now save the date and register for the following:

Who should join? 

The following categories are especially invited to join our VCA adopter groups:

  • Industrial companies and SMEs to help providers design the best service and gain simplified access and connection to CEI providers
  • Industrial and Technology Associations  to gain visibility in a multi-stakeholder community, promote the association’s needs and define the future of CEI
  • CEI Technologies Developers and Providers to understand the users’ needs and find new partnerships and business opportunities
  • Applied Researchers and Innovators to test their results and go-to-market strategies via dedicated tools and get in contact with business representatives