AI-SPRINT: A Catalyst for Advancing AI in the CEI Continuum

January 22, 2024

The recently concluded AI-SPRINT Final Event held in Milan on October 11, 2023, not only marked the culmination of a transformative project but also showcased its pivotal role in advancing the goals of the EU Cloud-Edge-IoT (EUCEI) community. Hosted by the Politecnico di Milano, the event featured a diverse range of presentations and discussions, highlighting the multifaceted links between AI-SPRINT and the broader EUCEI community.

The AI-SPRINT Final Event in Milan showcased the project’s integral role in advancing EUCEI’s goals. Aligned with the EU’s Digital Strategy, AI-SPRINT emphasizes AI’s importance in the Cloud-Edge Continuum, contributing to policy development.

Actively fostering collaboration, AI-SPRINT creates a dynamic ecosystem, connecting researchers, industry experts, and policymakers within the EUCEI community. The project serves as a conduit for exchanging innovative solutions, particularly in Cloud, Edge, and IoT domains.

AI-SPRINT’s commitment to open-source principles aligns with the EUCEI community’s ethos of openness and collaboration. By releasing tools as open source, AI-SPRINT maximizes impact, fostering collaboration and potential contributions from the EUCEI community.

Discussions within AI-SPRINT around privacy, security, and ethical considerations directly address concerns within the EUCEI community. The project contributes to shaping responsible and ethical AI practices within the broader technological landscape.

You can view the full report on the final event here.