Vitamin-V Showcases RISC-V Innovation at Mobile World Congress

February 29, 2024

The Vitamin-V project, an EUCEI project in the realm of open-source RISC-V development, was featured at the Catalonia booth during the Mobile World Congress.

Vitamin-V’s mission is to craft a comprehensive RISC-V open-source software stack for cloud services, striving for performance parity with the prevalent x86 architecture. Emphasizing the incorporation of critical RISC-V ISA extensions for cloud deployment, the project addresses existing gaps in virtual environments for RISC-V, particularly in virtualization, cryptography, and vectorization extensions.

The project aims to enhance support for EPI-based RISC-V designs, encompassing both primary CPUs and essential cloud accelerators such as those for memory compression. Vitamin-V’s roadmap includes expanding compiler and toolchain support for these ISA extensions, fostering compatibility and functionality.

Key to Vitamin-V’s objectives is the development of novel approaches for software trustworthiness validation, verification, and testing. This includes porting and evaluating cutting-edge Virtual Machine Monitors (VMMs) and container suites, cloud management software, and applications representative of classical, modern, and serverless cloud setups.

The project’s presence at the Mobile World Congress provides an opportunity to showcase its advancements and contributions to RISC-V open-source virtual environments, software validation, and cloud software suites. As the project gains momentum, it aspires to match the performance of its x86 counterparts, further solidifying RISC-V’s standing in the cloud computing landscape. Stay tuned for live demonstrations and insights into Vitamin-V’s innovative strides at the Catalonia booth during the Mobile World Congress.

watch the video trailer here