The UNLOCK CEI project aims at unlocking the potential for accelerating the deployment of the Cloud-Edge-IoT (CEI) computing continuum. The project specifically focuses on the demand side drivers and challenges and the technology-driven innovations and business opportunities driving demand value chains.

In particular, the project has set the following main objectives:

  • Objective 1: Carry out a systematic assessment of the current state of the European CEI demand landscape, analysing the business opportunities brought by this paradigm change
  •  Objective 2: Define market scenarios for the development of the open European CEI ecosystem and a CEI Readiness Framework
  • Objective 3: Build and activate the CEI Industry Constituency, i.e., a group of industry stakeholders representing the most important or promising value chains in Europe for CEI potential demand, to aggregate demand needs and identify demand-pull drivers for CEI adoption
  • Objective 4: Develop a productive and effective interface between the demand constituency and the supply side to improve the market readiness and successful adoption of these technologies
  • Objective 5:  Create awareness of CEI in Europe and generate impact.