Open Continuum

OpenContinuum supports the cloud-edge-IoT domain by focusing on the supply side of the computing continuum landscape. Its goal is to foster European strategic autonomy and interoperability through an open ecosystem for the computing continuum, with open source and open standards as two key enablers to be supported and leveraged throughout the community. 

In particular, the project has set the following main objectives:

  • Objective 1: Promote the establishment of a European industrial Open Ecosystem based on Open Source and Open Standards
  • Objective 2: Map and analyse the supply-side landscape of the European emerging Computing Continuum
  • Objective 3: Engage the EU industrial and research actors to create a supply-side community that spans the whole Computing Continuum
  • Objective 4: Coordinate the relevant EU project portfolio towards an open European ecosystem for the cloud-edge-IoT continuum