New Digital Twin Proof-of-Concept developed by DECICE

February 28, 2024

DECICE achieves a major milestone with the successful proof-of-concept demonstration of its Digital Twin within the Kubernetes ecosystem. This innovative setup reveals the potential of Digital Twin functionalities and their application in managing the Computing Continuum, including Cloud, High-Performance Computing (HPC), Edge, and IoT devices.

A Digital Twin serves as an advanced model representing the real-time and historical status of a system. In the DECICE framework, the Digital Twin acts as a central hub managing interactions between monitoring systems and providing crucial information to other DECICE subcomponents.

The Digital Twin’s core components include the Digital Twin Core and three modules: HTTP Communication API Server, Machine Learning (ML) Modules, and Time Series Database. The interconnected system efficiently collects, processes, and disseminates data, enhancing capabilities in data analysis, predictive modeling, and decision-making.

Although not yet implemented, future iterations of the Digital Twin plan to establish a connection with the DECICE Controller Manager for triggering data updates. The development and testing environment, hosted on a Kubernetes cluster, ensures efficient development and rigorous testing within the DECICE project context.