MLSysOps’s presence at the HiPEAC FORECAST workshop

January 22, 2024

MLSysOps made a significant contribution to the recent HIPEAC FORECAST Workshop with a presentation titled “A Possible Scenario to Study the Security of 5G Communication in IoT Edge Cloud Continuum.”

Delivered by Aya Moheddine from INRIA-Lille on January 18, 2024, the presentation delved into the critical aspects of 5G communication within the context of the MLSysOps project.

Focusing primarily on the implementation of 5G communication in the developed testbed, the presentation placed a keen emphasis on security and vulnerability aspects. Authors Aya Moheddine and Valeria Loscri from INRIA Lille brought their expertise to illuminate the complex interplay of 5G communication and IoT Edge Continuum security.

The discussion addressed the evolving landscape of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the emergence of the IoT Edge Continuum paradigm. The presentation explored the integration of 5G technology in this paradigm, investigating data speed, latency, device connectivity, and reliability.

Recognizing the paramount importance of security in IoT Edge Continuum systems, the presentation detailed the adoption of 5G technology for secure communication. Noteworthy contributions included the implementation of the 5G network using open-source platforms such as srsRAN and Open5gs.

Experiments conducted within the MLSysOps project utilized a simulated environment with a gNB, 5G core network, and User Equipment (UE). Open-source platforms, including srsRAN and Open5gs, were employed for implementation. Encryption considerations and optional aspects within the 5G network were also explored.

Insights into security experiments were provided, with a focus on a Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attack to assess data and traffic between the simulated UE and 5G network. The analysis of logs and pcap data obtained from these experiments offered valuable insights for the study.

The findings from these experiments offer a foundation for understanding the behavior of the entire system during a security attack. The ability to detect, counteract, and implement countermeasures in terms of resource reallocation and distribution is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the IoT Edge Cloud Continuum system.

This presentation underlines MLSysOps’ commitment to advancing knowledge and addressing key challenges in the dynamic landscape of 5G communication and IoT Edge Continuum security.