Making Digital Transformation Privacy by Design

April 13, 2023

Session at the Privacy Policy Symposium, Venice, Italy, 19 2023 @12pm CET.

This session, featuring Bluspecs CEO and AIOTI board member, Tanya Suarez, will represent EUCloudEdgeIoT and intervene in a panel discussion exploring the inextricable link between digital transformation and privacy, and the European measures that hope to level the data playing field and prevent abuses of dominant positions in the market.

Technology is at the heart of the most important social and economic advances of the last 20 years. It is an enabler of the digital transformation that is set to enrich how we live and work.  It is also often at the centre of controversy over how and for what purpose it collects, generates or uses data.

The session is part of the 2023 Privacy Policy Symposium conference, which aims to support international dialogue, cooperation, and knowledge sharing on data protection by bringing together data protection experts and professionals, authorities, international organizations, and the research community to discuss the latest developments and perspectives related to data protection and privacy.

The 2023 Privacy Symposium in Venice will focus on:

  • International cooperation and convergence in data protection regulations;
  • Emerging technologies and compliance with data protection;
  • Health and data protection compliance.