FLUIDOS launched 975,000 EUR Open Call to transform the Computing Continuum

February 23, 2024

FLUIDOS (Flexible, scaLable, secUre, and decentralIseD Operating System), the innovative initiative working towards a dynamic and trustable computing continuum, announces the start of the Open Call, set to provide financing for the amount of 975,000 EUR. The funding is geared towards companies, primarily SMEs, aiming to validate and advance the FLUIDOS MetaOS for the Cloud-Edge-IOT continuum, while developing their unique use cases. The Call, which will run until February 2024, invites individuals and consortia to participate in advancing the future of computing.

FLUIDOS develops a software framework with modular components that can adapt to different hardware/software platforms. It enables a single node to support and expose a wide range of resources and services, which can be seamlessly shared and consumed by other nodes, either nearby or remote. The project holds a vision for the future that is based on five essential aims:

  • Fluidify edge and cloud computing through decentralised, autonomous resource integration.
  • Shift computing gravity beyond data centres, fostering cross-provider community computing.
  • Orchestrate services based on energy efficiency parameters using AI.
  • Implement a Zero-Trust security approach for authenticated, authorised access to dispersed resources.
  • Cultivate a multi-stakeholder edge services market, promoting European digital autonomy.

The FLUIDOS Open Call is paving the way for innovation by introducing two impactful grant types..