Fifth Value Chain Adopters Workshop: Cloud-Edge-IoT in the Energy sector

March 23, 2023

On 23 March 2023, the EUCloudEdgeIoT initiative hosted the fifth and final event of the first wave of Value Chain Adopter workshops, organised by the project UNLOCK-CEI and analysing the landscape of Cloud-Edge-IoT (CEI) applications in the energy industry. The workshop was structured in two parts, the first being focused on presentation about trends and initiativs in the energy value network, including mentioning of use cases in this sector, such as smart grid management, pipeline management, pipeline and facility observation, smart meters, drone-based network

The workshop hosted a presentation from Natalie Samovic, Chair of WG Energy AIOTI and then focused on collecting insights about challenges and requirements for the development of CEI use cases in this sector. Regulatory aspects and standardisation needs emerged as particularly compelling challenges.

The detailed analysis of this workshop’s results as well as those of the other events already organised will be published over the course of the project’s progress.