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ColonyOS, a Meta Operating System – Webinar by Dr. Johan Kristiansson, RISE

March 15 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am

ColonyOS webinar

ColonyOS is a Meta-Operating System developed by RISE, designed to simplify and streamline utilization of heterogeneous computing infrastructures, including IoT, edge, cloud, and HPC. It is designed to operate as an overlay to interface with a wide variety of computing environments, enabling seamless integration and operation across different platforms.

In ColonyOS, each service runs independently within its designated environment or grid, known as a colony. These colonies are provisioned with precisely the resources they need, and communication is confined within the colony, adhering to a strict zero-trust security protocol. Services in ColonyOS is composed of so-called executors that integrate with various underlying platforms based on a distributed microservice architecture. This enables creation of so-called compute continuums.

Self-sovereignty and decentralization are foundational principles of ColonyOS. In self-sovereign systems, trust is established through transparent and secure mechanisms rather than through a centralized entity. This ensures that control and autonomy are in the hands of the users. ColonyOS supports standard HTTP, but also P2P communication to establish a decentralized network of colonies accessible anywhere on the Internet, forming a pervasive cloud.

Today, ColonyOS is used commercially by RockSigma AB in a processing engine running on Kubernetes to analyze seismic events in one of the world’s largest underground mines. Plans are underway to integrate with Eclipse Arrowhead, which will further enhance Arrowhead’s functionality throughout the Edge2Cloud continuum. ColonyOS is also used by ENCCS to make it easier to use EuroHPC systems. During the presentation, Johan will demonstrate how to run a cross-platform workflow on a Kubernetes cluster running on the RISE ICE Datacenter, combined with two EuroHPC supercomputers (LUMI and Leonardo). Additionally, Johan will demonstrate Pollinator, a tool built on ColonyOS designed to make ML training  on HPC/Cloud as straightforward as using on a local computer.

Dr. Johan Kristiansson*,
Senior Researcher at RISE

* Dr. Johan Kristiansson is Senior Researcher at RISE and has over 20 years of experience in distributed systems, software engineering, and machine learning.  Previously, as the CTO of RockSigma AB, Johan led the development of a Kubernetes-based compute engine for seismic activity prediction. At Mobilaris AB, he created a machine-learning based navigator similar to Google Maps, but for underground mines. As a Principal Researcher at Ericsson AB, Johan was at the forefront of many R&D initiatives and an early adopter of several groundbreaking technologies, including software containers, microservices and blockchains. Johan holds an M.Sc. in Computing Science and Engineering from Umeå University and a PhD in Media Technology from Luleå University of Technology.

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March 15
9:00 am - 10:00 am
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