Discover more about – The European Cloud Edge IoT Continuum for business and research

December 15, 2022

Cloud and edge computing are essential technologies in a computing continuum to ensure data is managed more efficiently – closer to the originating source rather than transmitting raw data to data centres. As recent studies suggest, data processing is moving closer to the edge. Thus, advancing the IoT can reduce communication and storage costs, energy consumption and produce benefits for citizens and businesses thanks to the integration of AI and Machine Learning.

Brussels, 14 December 2022 – A new EU-funded partnership has officially kicked off in the past months to study and contribute to the development of the new Cloud-Edge-IoT (CEI) paradigm.

The European Cloud, Edge & IoT Continuum was preliminarily presented at the IoT week in Dublin in June 2022. Its ultimate goal is to support the definition of the large-scale pilots envisaged by the European Commission in line with the EU Data Strategy.