Communication in the Horizon context

December 6, 2023

Communication in the Horizon context

Article by Vasileios Mavrikakis
Digital Marketing and Communication Strategist, INFOLYSIS P.C.

Some think that communication in the context of Horizon programs is an easy task. However, it’s not easy at all. Being a communication manager means that you have to connect many different pieces of information and material in order to provide the clearest possible picture of a project.
At INFOLYSiS, our goal is precisely this: to integrate all project components effectively and devise the most suitable communication strategy. Important role of such strategy is the social media channels. It is of utmost importance for any project because it allows it to reach different types of audiences. If we can
separate them, we can state that through Instagram and Facebook we can provide more generic and visual content addressing to non- technical audiences, while on the other hand X (Twitter) and LinkedIn have a more informative nature addressing a more technical audience.
Social media channels play a major role in a projects’ successful communication policy. However, they would have no effectiveness if a comprehensive and responsive website weren’t in place. The project’s website is the backbone of all the communication actions and activities of a project. A well-established project website means that all available information is online and easy to find. By the term “information” we do not mean exclusively information about performed and upcoming activities but also information related to the nature of the project along with the objectives and the project news.

Timeliness is a critical factor in effectively managing both social media and website content. Regular updates are necessary to demonstrate the active engagement of the project. Posting on social media platforms should occur weekly to show visitors that the accounts are current and frequently updated.
The website should also feature up-to-date information, particularly in the news section, to maintain the interest of the audience.
In addition to social media and website management, a comprehensive communication strategy involves active participation in various organizations and associations. These entities facilitate collaboration with other projects, increase project visibility, and assist in organizing events such as
webinars, workshops, and hackathons. In essence, they provide a “voice” for the project, helping it reach specific audiences and groups. Furthermore, their use of social media channels, through hashtags, resharing, and dedicated tags, can significantly amplify the visibility of project activities and attract more

Such an organization is the EuCloudEdgeIoT, which is an initiative that supports and helps more than 40 projects in the field of metaOS, Cloud Edge and IoT. The INFOLYSiS team is responsible for the communication of two projects in the framework of the EuCloudEdgeIoT. In both aerOS and ASSIST-IoT
project the collaboration between the projects and the EuCloudEdgeIoT is at the highest level. All the involved partners are in constant communication for the promotion of activities, support in activities and participation in events. By this communication, material of each project is available at the EuCloudEdgeIoT website.

Apart from all the above-mentioned activities one fundamental element of a successful communication of a project is the “offline” collaboration of all the partners involved. Usually, all partners participate in the task related to the communication, so a good recording and implementation plan is essential for the organization of the communication activities. A plan where all partners can note and highlight their activities, inform the consortium and provide all the related information will help not only the responsible partners but all the consortium in order to promote smooth cooperation.

All involved partners should not forget that the main objective of all the communication activities is maximum visibility. Maximum visibility will lead to higher engagement and engagement will lead to a more loyal audience.

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