AI-SPRINT celebrates the successful conclusion of its innovative journey

February 28, 2024

Led by Politecnico di Milano, AI-SPRINT wrapped up its transformative three-year project, marking a significant milestone in artificial intelligence. The conclusion event at the European Commission premises highlighted key achievements, including the launch of free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) covering edge design, security, and more.

Throughout its duration, AI-SPRINT developed cutting-edge solutions, contributing significantly to the field of artificial intelligence. Notable achievements include the launch of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to democratize AI technologies, offering free courses covering topics such as edge design, security, performance, runtime management, Docker Containers, Serverless Computing, Federated Learning, Neural Architecture Search, and Confidentiality Computing.

The project actively participated in the AI on Demand Platform, emphasizing trustworthiness, transparency, and privacy in AI applications. Contributions to the platform included tools like Secure Generative Data Exchange and GPU Scheduler. It further introduced AI SPRINT Studio, providing free AI SPRINT Design Tools. This release aims to simplify the deployment of AI applications, offering transparency, automatic partitioning of Deep Neural Networks, containerization, automated profiling, and energy-aware runtime.

A notable outcome of the project is the revolutionary spin-off, OneCareAI, emerging from the personalised healthcare use case of AI-SPRINT. OneCareAI revolutionizes AI applications in healthcare, facilitating seamless integration and partitioning across cloud-based solutions and AI-driven sensor devices. It ensures robust security and privacy protocols, offering tailored treatment plans and proactive stroke prevention measures.

AI-SPRINT’s innovative contributions underscore its importance in advancing the capabilities of the CEI continuum. The project’s collaborative research and innovation have left a lasting impact on the landscape of artificial intelligence.


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