Agriculture Demand Landscape

February 24, 2023

On 17 February 2023, EUCEI hosted a workshop to examine the demand landscape for Cloud-Edge-IoT (CEI) technologies in the agricultural sector. Participants discussed different use cases for CEI in agriculture and talked about the factors that can affect the adoption of these technologies.

The agenda involved discussions regarding the flow of the data-driven revenue streams among the CEI stakeholders and potential vendor lock-ins, potential gaps, business opportunities and incentivise cooperation among the participating experts.

The use cases will include smart faring solutions supporting the ecological production of crop and animal products, retrofitting existing agricultural machinery with CEI-based kits, data sharing for farmers sovereignty (weather prediction, field management, yield forecasts), new digital opportunities.

In addition, the workshop provided an opportunity for the consortium to gather feedback from the manufacturing sector on how large-scale pilots for CEI technologies should be organised. This feedback will help the consortium to better understand the requirements for future adoption of these technologies.

The workshop was part of the UNLOCK-CEI project’s efforts to support the adoption of CEI technologies by companies and industrial players. By engaging with a community of CEI adopters in various sectors, including agriculture, the project aims to gain insights into the requirements for the future uptake of these technologies and guide future research and innovation in the field.

The consortium plans to hold a second series of workshops to validate the market insights collected from the first wave of events.

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