aerOS Pilot 4 video at EUROGATE Container Terminal in Cyprus

February 8, 2024

This video describes Pilot 4 of Horizon Europe’s funded project aerOS, focusing on Smart edge
devices for the Port Continuum. This pilot explores two important and practical use cases for
smart maritime container terminals: (1) Predictive Maintenance of Container Handling
Equipment such as Ship to Shore Cranes and Straddle Carriers using machine learning at the
edge; (2) Computer Vision for automatically detecting container damages or broken container
seals in real time, while containers are unloaded from ships. EUROGATE Container Terminal
Limassol, serving as the industrial partner of the pilot, have joined forces with Prodevelop and
the Cyprus University of Technology, both bringing valuable experience and knowledge for
developing edge technology and AI solutions through the capabilities offered by aerOS.

Watch the full video here.