AIOTI Webinar – Open Calls Opportunities

7 June 2023, 15.00h CET

This AIOTI webinar presents open call opportunities to the AIOTI’s community, launching a survey among attendees.


15.00   Opening and Welcome, survey launch (5 min)

Mayte Carracedo, AIOTI TF EIC Chair

15.05   Open Call Opportunities (10 min)

Mayte Carracedo, AIOTI TF EIC Chair


EURobin and TArget X by Aneta Gałązka, FundingBox
NGI Search by Nina Doklestic, FundingBox
NGI Saragosso by Raquel Carro, AUSTRALO

15:15 – Questions from the audience

15:25 – Open Call Opportunities


ICOS by Elena Japundžić, FundingBox
NEMO by Harry Skianis , @Synelexis
AerOS by Ignacio Lacalle Úbeda, Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV)
NebulOuS by Ana Luísa Alves, F6S
FLUIDOS by Alessio Sacco, Politecnico di Torino

15:35 – Questions from the audience

15:45 – Commenting the survey, Wrap up and end of Webinar by Brendan Rowan, AIOTI TF EIC co-chair

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