Meta Operating Systems Research and Innovation Actions (RIAs)

Europe needs to strengthen its supply and value chains in the Cloud -Edge-IoT computing by integrating relevant elements of computing, connectivity, IoT, AI and cybersecurity. The objective is to develop meta operating systems for the edge that enable cloud and edge computing orchestration by bringing computation, data and intelligence closer to where the data is produced (sensors and devices) and by which volume, variety, interoperability, and velocity should be handled efficiently and securely.

The six Meta OS RIAs that have been funded and are now active are:


Transparently utilising the resources on the edge-to-cloud computing continuum for enabling applications in an effective manner while incorporating multiple services.


Leveraging the enormous, unused processing capacity at the edge, scattered across heterogeneous edge devices that struggle to integrate with each other and to coherently form a seamless computing continuum.


The unstoppable proliferation of novel computing and sensing device technologies, and the ever-growing demand for data-intensive applications in the edge and cloud, are driving the next wave of transformation in computing systems architecture. The resulting paradigm shift in computing is centred around dynamic, intelligent and yet seamless interconnection of IoT, Edge and Cloud resources in one computing system, to form a continuum.


A Meta operating system for Brokering hyper-distributed applications on the cloud computing continuum.


Introducing an open source, modular and cybersecure meta operating system, leveraging existing technologies and introducing novel concepts, methods, tools, testing and engagement campaigns.


Enable efficient, reliable and secure end-to-end orchestration of hyper-distributed applications over programmable infrastructure that spans across the compute Cloud-Edge-IoT continuum, removing existing openness and interoperability barriers in the convergence of IoT technologies against cloud and edge computing orchestration platforms, and introducing automation and decentralised intelligence mechanisms powered by 5G and distributed AI technologies.